Olympia’s 2018 Prom

Olympia’s 2018 Prom


School: Olympia High School, Orange County

Theme: Celestial Soireé

Venue: Hyatt International



Large over-the-floor truss and light show

Laser star faux ceiling

Star projections

Laser Shooting Stars

3D dual-layer logo projection

String Lighting

Custom lighting programming


Balloon Wall


Furniture & VIP Lounge area

Spotlight for the ice sculpture


4SO Crew:

DJ: DJ D-Whattzz

Lighting: Monica

Lighting Programming: Arnoldo

Setup: MikeC, Ray, Marcus

Photos and Video: Monica, Marcus


Fun fact:

When students walked in and had dinner, the room colors changed with the sunset. Going from a deep orange to a deep blue and then purple. The name Celestial Soireé was seen at all times, but the moon came when the stars appeared and changed color just like the real moon does based on the time of evening. We used multiple lasers to create a realistic night sky with shooting stars moving around the entire back wall (over 130′). The side walls also had star projections. The balloon wall separated the VIP lounge we created with high-end furniture and we used a powerful LED ellipsoidal to light up the ice sculpture WITHOUT melting it.

The highlight of the evening was the giant confetti blast that filled up the whole dance floor!

Pics and video below!


Olympia HS Prom 2018

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