DJ Steev-G

[pic coming soon… how cliché]

There are some DJs who come in and do everything as expected and then leave. 

…and then there’s Steev-G. 

When we say we hire DJs who care about the event, Steev-G is a shining example. Look, it doesn’t matter what’s going on… if there’s anything Steve can do to make the event better, he’ll do it.

  • Want to change up the music? Done
  • Want someone to help you with décor? Done
  • Want your trailer fixed because someone somehow got the front axle of a 2008 Mustang to Kool-Aid Man its way through the trailer wall? Yeah, done. (Actually, looks better now. He should annihilate our trailers more often..)
  • Want someone to charismatically MC your event? Done!

Don’t underestimate Steve, now! This mild-mmmmhhmmmannered guy turns into one power-house DJ once behind the decks. Steev-G’s energy is infectious as he mixes, dances, and pretty much doesn’t care who sees him having fun as long as he’s having fun! Steev-G’s a big fan of all sorts of genres of music and isn’t afraid to step it up as the coordinator for the night!

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