4 Students

Have you ever asked the DJ for a music like the latest TikTok hit or the newest EDM bootleg remix and then hear the DJ ask “who’s it by?” This is the sign of a DJ who doesn’t KNOW THE MUSIC! Our DJs not only KNOW the latest hits, but also listen to them on a daily basis. This isn’t a job, this is our passion and our love.

So what else makes us the right DJs for you?

  • Custom edits means chaperones won’t cut-off a great song for one bad word.
  • Remixes, mashups, and live video mixes will WOW the crowd!
  • NO CORNY TRICKS: Just straight bangers and the hottest music played each and every time!
  • We’ve got bass, we’ve got lights, and we’ve got hundreds of feet of video screens. Need we say more?
  • We get the music before it’s out on the radio and we have your favorite underground hits.
  • We have Facebook, Ig, TikTok, Blogs and of course e-mail and TXT! What easier way to talk to your DJ???

    So check us out, or better yet call us and we’ll send a DJ to talk to your committee ASAP! 1-863-324-7333

Wanna rock with the best? Check your date here!