DJ Chubz

Victor, AKA DJ Chubz is a good dude. This is the best way to describe him, really. He’s the kind of you guy meet and just wanna kick it with and hang out. His sense of humor, music knowledge, and eagerness to learn are the pillars of what makes Chubz a great DJ.

DJ Chubz doesn’t just enjoy the music, he studies it. This allows him to mix and blend various genres with a natural progression that few DJs can accomplish.

Unlike many DJs that talk non-stop over the music, Chubz hypes the crowd up at the right time but lets the music create the energy. He knows the vital parts of the songs to keep so he doesn’t mix out of songs too quickly!

Chubz is also a music producer, but don’t worry- he won’t ask you to download his mixtape halfway through the night. 😉

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