4 Teachers

All Florida DJs should have a minimum $3,000,000 insurance policy, licenses, cleaner-than-radio edits, and a clean record. This doesn’t mean they all do, but the real professionals have these… so those aren’t really selling points.

So what makes us stand out?

    • Jessica Lunsford certification. REQUIRED BY THE STATE OF FLORIDA FOR ALL VENDORS
    • Custom clean edits, because the radio does a poor job editing music
    • Custom edited music videos
    • Unique crowd control- so unique that we teach our techniques around the world!
    • Our amazing promotional campaigns always help sell more tickets than ever
    • We’re GREEN! (We use low-power touring-grade equipment… which means YOU save money)
    • We fit every budget from $1500 to $200,000.
    • We’re the largest school dance company in Florida– and we don’t subcontract!
    • Oh, and we’re one of the few that have Workmen’s Comp

So check us out, or better yet call us and we’ll send a DJ to talk to your committee ASAP! 863-324-7333

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