Lake Nona’s 2017 Homecoming!

Lake Nona’s 2017 Homecoming!

WOW! What did we NOT bring to Lake Nona? Let’s break it down to a list.. there’s a lot:

  • DJCraziAce bringing in the hottest mixes of songs that everyone, including the principal requested.
  • Music and sound for their pep rally
  • A custom SnapChat filter
  • A photobooth
  • A MASSIVE lighting rig with our bubble-shaped truss
  • A 56′ video wall. Yeah, that’s 56′ wide.
  • Pipe and drape
  • Glow in the dark bubbles
  • Laser animated fish
  • Real mermaids.. Tom Hanks would be jealous. They made quite a.. “Splash.” (Ok, I’ll stop now)
  • A confetti blast
  • Staging for the admin
  • Outside lights to make it look like a sunset
  • Luau music for outside
  • Cocktail tables that lit up
  • Custom color glowsticks
  • …I think that’s it.

I’m sure there’s more, but I lost track. There really was a lot! So click below if you truly want to see what 4SchoolsOnly is capable of… even on our busiest weekend ever!

Lake Nona 2017 Homecoming

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