Bayshore’s 2016 Prom!

Bayshore’s 2016 Prom!


4SchoolsOnly teamed up with Bayshore to give them a LOT to remember! After complaints about music and lack of meeting the vision regarding décor with previous companies, the 4SO Crew knew we had to show them what makes us special!

Their Titanic theme was brought alive with red rope stations, music, and bubbles as students walked in. Once going up the stairs, they were greeted by uplights, pipe and drape, and 2 big screens that simulated the balcony as look out into the ocean. On the right was our Photobooth, on the left was the entrance to the dance floor. We even brought chaircovers!

WOW- did Bayshore bring the energy. This school would NOT QUIT. The students had a blast and let really showed it! You gotta take a peek at the photos and video below!

Bayshore 2016 Prom

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