The best light shows in Florida. Period.

Did you know 4SO is well-known in the industry for its concert-style light shows? As a matter of fact, our lighting designers have toured across the nation to teach our craft!

With the growing popularity of DJs in pop-culture, having a rig to bring a visual appeal to the music is paramount! 4SO makes sure that, big or small, our lighting will make your theme, and music selections come alive! Simply put- our DJs rock harder with a rockin’ light show that will rock your face off! Call us and see why 4SO is the proven leader in teen dance lighting!

Fun fact: Our light rigs are controlled LIVE by our talented designers on a sophisticated control system. This means the lighting will go perfectly with the music and the moment!

Aside from color washes and scanners / moving heads, we can also bring in wall projections, black lights, glow-in-the-dark bubbles, LASERS, uplights, string lighting, video mapping, you name it!

Wanna rock with the best? Check your date here!