REAL DJs, not button pushers!

Look, we don’t hate on what gear a DJ uses as long as they can rock a party, but we believe that part of the show involves showmanship! Our DJs not only LOVE spinning on CDJs, Vinyl, controllers, etc., but they LIVE for mixing live! No, we won’t premix an entire set, push play and then just wave our hands around. Want to hear your jam? Come talk to us; we want to hear your request! Too busy dancing? Tweet it!

4SO’s DJs have opened up for multi-platinum artists, work with high-end labels, spin on radio stations, opened up for large music festivals, and most importantly, are passionate about their craft… and the only way to get them to your school dance is with us! We believe that entertainment is 100% success of the dance, after all, people won’t dance just because the room looks pretty or the food tastes good. With that in mind, we’ve placed so much emphasis in gathering and training the cremé de la cremé of DJs to make sure that as soon as the bass drops, the party will keep going until the last cue out.


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