West Orange’s WoGLOW Theme!

West Orange’s WoGLOW Theme!

WOHS Homecoming 2014-23

West Orange wanted to create an amazing EDC-like experience: WoGLOW. This theme would focus around lasers, black lights, and a killer visual show of lighting and video.

The 4SO Crew beyond exceeded their expectations! With an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, the admin knew this was one of the best homecomings yet!

WOHSTicket copy

We helped create the tickets which simulated a festival flyer. As much as we’d love to take credit for this awesome concept, this wasn’t our idea- it was theirs; but they weren’t happy with their designer’s idea, so we took a different route.

The Disney Contemporary resort was lit up like a Christmas tree with LOTS of lighting. Monica and Derek did a killer job on the lights as Carl ran our Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooth non-stop. DJCraziAce continued WOHS’s tradition of amazing dances by blending in all their favorite genres. Overall, it was a great night! Fun fact: Monica is an amazing photographer and owner of Shot By Mookie. The photos below are all hers— check ’em out!

47 WOHS 2014 Homecoming.mov

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