Oviedo’s 2018 Homecoming!

Oviedo’s 2018 Homecoming!

School: Oviedo; Seminole County

Theme: Around the World



Dual-DJ Setup

4SO’s Club Extreme

Circle-Shaped Video-mapped screen

Dual laser show

Black Lights

Pipe and drape


Dual photobooths


4SO Crew:

DJ: D-Whattzz (inside); Syntrix (outside)

Lighting: Josh

Drapery: Tiffany, Zack

Photobooth: Tiffany, Lyann

Photos and Video: Calvin


Fun fact: Oviedo’s homecoming gets bigger and bigger each year. We loved the giant circular screen that REALLY pushed the theme! As the globe spun, different countries were highlighted on the same video screen.


Pics and video below!



Outside dance floor:

Oviedo 2018 Homecoming Outside Dance Floor

Main dance floor:

Oviedo 2018 Homecoming Inside Dance Floor

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