Ocoee’s 2017 Homecoming!

Ocoee’s 2017 Homecoming!

This is easily one of the most beautiful flat setups we’ve ever done!

What’s a flat setup? Basically it’s an event where all our decor and lighting is in a line vs over the dance floor. Ocoee High celebrated “Ancient Knights” with some gorgeous dual-layer pipe and drape in a stunning bright white and rich gold. In the center, our 20′ WIDE and 17′ tall video screen steals the whole show. However, in front of it, you’ll see the Pyramid truss with one of the most intense light shows Ocoee has ever seen thanks to the Elation Sniper (8 of them!!!).

The screen acts as a backdrop to the pyramid, but inside the pyramid itself, the screen shows different pyramids perfectly mapped around the truss.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind setup and we can guarantee no other school has ever seen anything else like.

DJ Fr3cks mixed in all the requests while our Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooth remains a faithful Ocoee tradition. You have to check this setup out in the photos and video below!

Ocoee 2017 Homecoming

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