Mt. Dora’s 2015 Mardi Gras Homecoming!

Mt. Dora’s 2015 Mardi Gras Homecoming!

Mt Dora 2015 Homecoming-2

The 2015 4SchoolsOnly Back4More Homecoming Tour begins NOW! A new tour means new lighs, so we killed two birds with one stone: We tested some new lights to see how much we can really do with them, and MDHS got a serious lighting upgrade, thanks to the Elation Sniper 2R. This amazing concert-quality fixture simulates lasers that we can safely aim at the crowd.

So many beams cut through the crowd, and it looked beautiful. We brought a couple of the lasers that were highly requested from their 2013 homecoming, and it was a hit. Their Mardi Gras colors came alive with our black lights and pipe and drape.

Check out the photos and video below, this school was a blast!

Mt. Dora 2015 Homecoming

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