Lake Nona’s 2016 “The Greatest Homecoming On Earth!”

Lake Nona’s 2016 “The Greatest Homecoming On Earth!”

Circus/Carnival themes were very very popular this year; come to think of it, we did 2-3 of them this weekend alone! Lake Nona High School really wanted to bring in the circus atmosphere to their homecoming dance as they created “The Greatest Homecoming on Earth.”

And so the 4SO Crew brought in quite a bit:

Over the dance floor trussing which we added some streamers the students had to simulate a tent since no one had access to the lift to hang it from the ceiling.
Light-up Tents for outside
Red and White cocktail tables
Stilt walkers
Ball balancer
Balloon Artist
White and Red drape with string lights
Circus tent “Windows” to simulate circus acts

We brought in so much more– you gotta take a look a the pics and videos below. The first video shows you the setup from up high, using our drone. Take a look!

Lake Nona 2016 Homecoming Preview

Lake Nona 2016 Homecoming

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