Final D3 2019 Meeting!

4SchoolsOnly partnered up with Windermere High School and sponsored part of the final 2018-19 D3 meeting. We brought in A/V, lighting, entertainment, drapes, part of staging, and even brought in thousands of dollars in giveaways!

We want to give a big thanks to Windermere SGA for letting us come in and strut our stuff!


DJs: DJCraziAce; DJ Superwill
Lead tech and photography: Monica
Lighting tech: Nic
Backend tech: Adrian
Videography (except for breakfast): Calvin

Check out the videos and photos below!

Official D3 Recap:

Final 2019 D3 Recap

D3 Power Hour:

Final 2019 D3 Power Hour

Morning Session:

Final 2019 D3 Morning


Final 2019 D3 Lunch

Business Session:

Final 2019 D3 Timberceek

Final 2019 D3 Viera

Final 2019 D3 Astronaut

Final 2019 D3 DrPhillips

Final 2019 D3 Varsity Dance Team

Final 2019 D3 JV Dance Team

Photos below!

Breakfast & morning session:


General/Business Session:

Power Hour:

You can download the photobooth strips by clicking here!

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