4SO, our schools, and COVID

I have attempted for SO long now to avoid sending any emails or responses regarding to COVID; not because we’re trying to “avoid” the issue, but let’s be honest, my inbox has been flooded, I imagine yours has, too. Do I really need to know what a store that I went one one time online to buy a thing I saw on TikTok is doing to fight COVID?

But alas, here we are, scrambling to figure out the future of 4SO in general.

So what’s happening now: NOTHING. Not a darn thing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Unfortunately until social distancing guidelines ease up, there’s not much we can do. Here’s what we’re doing in the background, though:

  • We have been working with a couple of counties who want to do something special for the seniors.
  • We are working with a major company on launching summer “proms” open to all schools, social distancing guidelines permitting.
  • We are launching Prom4U, a new personal prom campaign!
  • We are working on homecoming season, and hoping to give the class of 2021 a better year.

For our dear schools, if you want to do something for the Class of 2020 next year, let’s work together. We have some ideas and will do whatever it takes to make this better for everyone.

I’ll skip the clich√© “we’re all in this together” because.. well, frankly… it’s redundant at this point and I just keep hearing the High School Musical song in my head everytime I read that line and it’s just too catchy to forget.

Instead, I’ll say be safe, God bless, and remember to look out for YOU, your FAMILY, and your fellow person.

–Arnoldo Offermann
President: 4SO

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