2017 Florida Association of Student Councils (FASC)

2017 Florida Association of Student Councils (FASC)

The 2017 Florida Association of Student Council meeting (FASC) was one of a kind! We came in to do one job.. but wound up doing something totally different. Let’s start with the setup: we brought in two rear projection 14′ screens that we had to turn to front projection because the massive turnout packed the entire gym. Now, this made the screens appear darker than they would if done rear projection, but the projectors were bright enough to compensate. The video screens showed videos, live video, and we also streamed Twitter and Instagram feeds with the hashtag #FASC2017 live!

We provided enough sound to rattle the entire school. This is not a metaphor. We never took it past 20%. It was loud enough that the bass could be heard from the other side of West Florida High School during our sound check.

We also provided two photobooths plus music the entire time courtesy of DJCraziAce. Just like any event, there are always last minute changes and the 4SchoolsOnly staff worked fast to keep up with any changes, or any errors with video and sound clips provided, plus we did a lot of on-the-fly technical magic. DJCraziAce got to do a seminar on making school dances great and profitable, it was well received and I was so thankful for the kind words I got about it from students and teachers! It was a great event and the afterparty was a blast!

Mannequin Challenge:

FASC Mannequin Challenge


FASC 2017 Afterparty

Live Mixes:

And here’s a cool vlog one of the attendees made:

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