Winter Haven’s 2015 Chorus on Location Concert

Winter Haven’s 2015 Chorus on Location Concert

WHHS Spring Concert-4

Winter Haven’s Chorus on Location is a themed concert where each song has a theme behind it, which has a video loop in the background to help carry the theme. 4SO President and lighting designer, Arnoldo Offermann, added a third dimension by synchronizing the lights with the video and show. Since we didn’t get a chance to be there for rehearsals, Arnoldo got the list of songs and video loops the day of and had the morning and afternoon before the concert to create each light scene and add in the video cues.

As we didn’t know the video loops ahead of time (no one’s fault, just how it panned out) we used the stock GOBOS in the moving head, but it turned out amazing. Check out the photos and video below. The video is long, but shows a quick clip from each scene. Our favorite was America the Beautiful and Lollipop!

Check out the photos and videos below!

27 WHHS Chorus Concert 2015

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