Windermere’s 2022 Prom!

Windermere’s 2022 Prom!

Windermere’s 22 Prom was INSANE!

DJCraziAce and the 4SO Crew brought out a custom entrance featuring light up drape, overhead string lighting and a custom “pillar drape” to highlight the fountain that the school brought in. In front of this was our beautiful white couches and modeling lights to create the PERFECT photo opportunity. 

Next our Showstopper I-Beam rig was decorate with string lights, swag drape, and a gorgeous light show to light up the ENTIRE hotel in the aesthetically-pleasing blue the school chose. 

Our dual-layer twinke drape was also the perfect touch… but even that wasn’t as cool as our Cool Chill Blast (accidental pun) and CONFETTI blast!!

And if that wasn’t enough, every student was part of our light show thanks to our Magic LED Bracelets!

Take a look!

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