Umatilla’s 2014 Homecoming!

Umatilla’s 2014 Homecoming!

Umatilla's 2014 Homecoming-22

WOW! Umatilla really rocked out tonight! After a crazy-awesome homecoming-preview, DJCraziAce knew Umatilla would really appreciate their homecoming dance thanks to the numerous Tweets in anticipation thereof.

As soon as the pep rally ended, Arnoldo, Monica, and Reggie went straight to work. The game was about to start and the dance would follow right after. Umatilla’s most impressive light-show was soon up alongside our Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooth. The students poured in and the party was a pure 100 from the get-go! With all the excitement that built-up, we know prom will be a wild success; UHS sold more tickets than last year!

Photos and videos from Lakeland Photographer, Shot By Mookie, below!

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