Seminole’s 2015 Homecoming (Sanford)

Seminole’s 2015 Homecoming (Sanford)

Seminole (Sanford) 2015 Homecoming-12

We gotta be honest, this was a beast to set up and made us break a sweat like we’ve never broken before. WOW! Seminole High School had an outer space theme (I gotta tell you, we really dig this theme… keep ’em coming!) and we decided to bring in a UFO.

So comes in the circular truss around DJCraziAce with lights in the middle to simulate a UFO alongside 16′ high truss structures with strobes inside. 4 super-bright lasers, laser simulators (so we can hit the crowd with lights), beams, more beams, even more beams, and wall projections really made this setup take off.

But nope, that wasn’t enough, so of course we brought in our jet effects to create a simulated propulsion system that shot off with the massive bass drops. It was an incredible night and an absolutely gorgeous setup. Check out the photos and videos below!


We know a LOT of DJs and event designers are reading this particular post and are asking specifics, so here are the basics:
(Quantities are not specified.)


    • Yamaha DSR115
    • Yamaha DXS18


        • ADJ Dotz Matrix
        • ADJ Freq 5
        • ADJ Eco UV DMX
        • ADJ Kaos
        • ADJ Dotz
        • ADJ Accu UFO Pro
        • Elation Sniper 2R
        • X-Laser MB MK5
        • ETC Source 4


            • DMX: Elation CompuShow SDE
            • MIDI: Elation MIDICON Pro
            • Laser: Pangolin Beyond


              • Global Truss
              • ADJ Fog Fury Jett
              • ADJ Fog Fury Faze

The propulsion effect:

#4schoolsonly with #djcraziace at #shshoco ; part of our #back4more tour. #seminolehomecoming #shs

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And the video!

Seminole (Sanford) 2015 Homecoming

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