Prom4U! – A Personal Prom Experience!

What if we told you that you could still have a prom.. and make it 100% all about you???

We thought about this long and hard: how do we give the prom experience to the Class of 2021? Well… let’s bring the prom to them. Social distancing guidelines recommends groups of no bigger than 10. Well, this works out great because most groups at even the largest prom is usually of 10 friends or so…

So gather your closest squad members; get your dresses, tuxes, makeup, etc., ready, and host a prom at your house. 4SO will help!

With severely discounted prices to help the class of 2021 and their families, the 4SO Crew can provide DJs, drapery, video screens, special effects, confetti blasts, photobooth, décor, linens, tables and chairs… pretty much anything!

Of course, safety is key! It’s important to keep the events small to comply with CDC guidelines, but 4SO will also do the following:

  • Photobooth backdrops sanitized before and after each event
  • Photobooths will have no props. We can offer custom props for YOUR event only to be disposed afterwards.
  • 4SO Crew will wear masks
  • Requests can be done via our phone app

So let’s make your personal prom happen with Prom4U!

Wanna rock with the best? Check your date here!