Oviedo’s 2017 Prom!

Oviedo’s 2017 Prom!

Man oh man, 4SO went all out for Oviedo’s 2017 Prom! We set up the day prior at Loew’s Sapphire Falls resort (afterwards which DJCraziAce hauled butt to the other side of the state for Countryside’s prom.) Here’s a bit of what we did:

  • LOTS of bass
  • Video-mapped pipe and drape
  • Lighting all over the dance floor and dining area
  • Thematic wall projections: swirls, teacups
  • UV and sparkle lighting out in the lobby
  • UV and LED lighting in the entrance tunnels
  • The Queen of Hearts Throne
  • TWO photobooths
  • …and a lot more!

You gotta check out the photos and video below… it looked great!

Oviedo 2017 Prom

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