Lake Brantley’s 2018 Homecoming!

Lake Brantley’s 2018 Homecoming!

School: Lake Brantley High; Seminole County
Theme: New York
Venue: Gym

Large Club Extreme light show
Laser Light Show (ft Disco Scan lens)
Black Lights
650′ pipe and drape
2 Pep Rallies
UV Pep Rally
Lunch Pep Rally

4SO Crew:
DJ: DJCraziAce
Lighting: Monica
Drapery: Chad, Lyann, Aime
Back End Tech: Nick
Photos and Video: Monica, Nick

Fun fact: Our new Disco Scan lens allows a single laser to cover AN ENTIRE GYM!

Pics and video below!

Lake Brantley 2018 Homecoming

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