Hagerty’s 2015 Homecoming with 2 Dance floors!

Hagerty’s 2015 Homecoming with 2 Dance floors!

Hagerty Homecoming 2015-35

Immediately after Lake Nona’s homecoming, DJCraziAce and the 4SO Crew ate some bad Denny’s iHOP, got a massive 5 hours of sleep at one of their favorite hotels, and got to work on Hagerty’s homecoming. 300+ feet of pipe and drape, wall projections, uplighting that was sync’d to the light show, and DJ Syntrix joined them to help bring the energy that Hagerty needed! Their theme commemorated the Olympic awards ceremony in Brazil, so they wanted the gym to look elegant but still stay within their budget.

Pipe and Drape around the entire multi-purpose room was an easy way to accomplish this, and the wall projections gave a nice touch that the SGA loved! Our Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooth had a custom damask pattern. Check out the photos and videos, below!


Hagerty 2015 Homecoming Outdoors


Hagerty 2015 Homecoming Indoors

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