Boone 2022 Homecoming

Boone 2022 Homecoming

Boone’s 2022 Homecoming had two DJs: DJCraziAce and CrashCuts… and it had one challenge: the newly redesigned cafeteria had a weird shape. 

No biggie– in a “less is more” setup, we focused on draping the entire caf and making it look PRETTY and spacious. Three of the 4SO Club Extreme Titan Totems lighting totems were set up in the cafeteria to flood the ENTIRE area with color. Multiple speakers were cleverly hidden around the room so the students were hit with sound and didn’t feel like there were any dead zones.

The best part was our entrance drape, it really helped bring their Enchanted Gardens theme to life. We also flooded the entire outside area with lighting AND glow in the dark bubbles!

Couple this with our Magic Green Screen Booth, our Cool Chill Blasts and many other goodies: Boone had a homecoming NO ONE complained about!

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