Bayshore’s 2018 Homecoming!

Bayshore’s 2018 Homecoming!

School: Bayshore High; Bradenton County
Theme: Night at the Shorewalk
Venue: Gym

4SO’S Club Extreme (Custom)
400′ red, white, gold pipe and drape
Video projections
Homecoming Preview
Bonfire Event
Perimeter String Lighting

4SO Crew:
DJ: Stety G
Lighting: Nick
Photobooth: Lyann
Photos and Video: Greg
Setup Crew: Calvin, Nick, Carlos

Fun fact: Bayshore brought hundreds of feet of carnival-style flags. The 4SO Crew hung these point to point across the pipe and drape to create a truly unique atmopshere!

Pics and video below!

Bayshore 2018 Homecoming

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